Our Field: From China to the World

Western Japan Trading has been a pioneer of Japan-China trade for 60 years.
In the future, we will continue to expand the field of our activities to Southeast Asia and the world.

Aiming for a Zero Defect Rate

We dispatch our own inspectors to ensure the provision of stable-quality products
through pre-shipment inspections and analysis to detect any defects.

Please feel free to entrust us with on-site technical support.

Ichiwa Technology (Changshu) Co., Ltd.
has engineers with electrical and technical knowledge,
and can handle a range of operations including automation,
on-site installation and adjustment, and processing of components.

About Western Japan
Trading Co., Ltd.

The history of Western Japan Trading is the history of Japan-China trade itself.

In 1961, we were recognized as a suitable business partner by Chinese partners, and established in Osaka, the commercial center of Japan, as a friendly trading company, which was a rarity at that time.

For more than 60 years since, we have specialized in trading with China, and the scope of our trading activities has expanded to include a wide range of fields—including the export of various kinds of industrial machinery, machine parts, electronic device materials and components, liquid crystals, semiconductor inspection equipment, electric power equipment, and chemical products, as well as the import of mineral products, metal can contaier, machinery, plant equipment, forklift parts, lithium-ion batteries, electronic device materials, and industrial materials.

Here we present the "now" of Western Japan Trading.

  • 創立60周年
  • 日中拠点数10拠点
  • 日中従業員数200名


In addition to consultations tailored to customer needs, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from local procurement to manufacturing in China.

Our aim is to bridge the gap and reduce the sense of distance.